Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Tech Neck

Adapting to the Unavoidable

If you Google tech neck there are endless blogs and articles describing the symptoms, causes and treatments surrounding this epidemic. Even knowing that hunching over your laptop or looking down at your smartphone can put up to 50 pounds of pressure on the cervical spine, as I compose this article I am looking down at my lap. I can keep technology away from my son…for a short time; but inevitably we all must bow – literally – to the reality of our changing world.

We can take breaks, we can do stretches, but the causative factor remains. The headaches, neck pain and eventual nerve damage will result. Unless we continuously correct the damage. There is only one practice which works to reverse the damage we inflict to our spines on a minute to minute basis. I think you know where I am going with this.

While waiting for your adjustment, we kindly request that you avoid using your handheld devices. You’re investing a lot to be here with us and we admire your commitment. We want each of you to receive the most effective care; and that means preparing your body for your adjustment. Think of these minutes as the appetizer to the main course. Sit up straight. Or better yet, stand! Chat with other practice members. Move your spine through its range of motion. Breathe deeply.

Leave each adjustment knowing that you are neurologically superior – you little genius, you!

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