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When Your Chiropractor Has Back Pain

When Your Chiropractor Has Back Pain

Many of you saw me walking around, very slowly, with a cane last week. Everyone asked, “What did you do?” I didn’t fall on the ice. I didn’t get violently checked in ice hockey practice. I didn’t get into a car accident.

I could feel that my low back was slightly sore and unstable two weeks ago, likely from clearing snow off of my car in a very careless manner. I then adjusted all week. By the weekend, I knew my low back was weak, but life didn’t stop. I carried groceries, did laundry, vacuumed, mopped, and lifted my son in and out of his bed. I adjusted all day Monday.

When I woke Tuesday morning I knew I was in trouble. I bent down to wash my foot and experienced a severe spasm. All day Tuesday and Wednesday I suffered through these intense spasms that stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. They truly felt like the worst labor contractions. Having given birth in my dining room I can honestly attest to this.

I wasn’t scared. I knew that nothing I was experiencing was life threatening. I knew that the pain could not be stronger than me – because it WAS me. I knew that my body was working carefully to protect and heal me. I knew that it was only a matter of time until I was functional again.

I got adjusted and I rested. I did not take a pain reliever that would inevitably stunt the healing process. I did not apply ice that could cease macrophage activity and slow my tissue repair. I did not rub any pain relieving gel onto the area that could allow me to do the things I should not be doing. I got adjusted. And I rested. I had others take care of me and my son. I humbly sat back and watched the amazing Dr. Jilian adjust our entire Awakening family.

While sleeping Wednesday night, I could feel my lumbar vertebrae effortlessly returning to their normal position with quiet clicks. I woke up Thursday morning knowing that ease was returning to my body. Through the remainder of the week and all weekend, I rested.

The truth is, my body will heal. Whether it was an overstretched ligament, a torn capsule or a displaced disc. The body knows exactly what to do. It’s no different than a paper cut, a cold, or a pimple. Some injuries just take a bit longer or are more disabling due to our inability or unwillingness to rest the area fully.

To be clear, it was not a muscle. Rarely do we injure our muscles aside from over stretching to the point of tearing, a contusion or rhabdomyolysis. Our muscles spasm IN RESPONSE to injury and PROTECT US from further injury while splinting to allow for healing. Any attempt to cool, heat or relax your muscles will result in prolonged healing, or worse, repeated injury.

I will be adjusting to my capacity this week because it hurts my soul not to. You will also have the immense blessing of being cared for by Dr. Natalie who brings 20 years of experience, skill and heart to each adjustment. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to restore alignment to YOUR spines and, more importantly, function to your nervous systems.

I don’t have a perfect spine. In fact, when I first got my spine examined, 23 years late, I had a downright terrible spine. I wish I had been adjusted since birth so my spine had the best chance to withstand 35 years of normal American life; yet I’m so grateful I know how important it is to maintain what I have through lifetime care.

Setbacks WILL happen. But our bodies’ drive to repair never fails.

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