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The other day, I went to get my oil changed and tires rotated. When the mechanic gave me the total, I whipped out my Progressive ID card. “Here, sir,” I proclaimed, “I believe this should be covered.” I paid my $20 copay and drove away into the sunset.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous and entirely untrue story. Car insurance does not cover maintenance. It only pays out when we get into a wreck. Not surprisingly, your health insurance operates in a very similar way. It does not cover your organic carrots, your gym membership, or your new mattress. It does pay out when you get into a “wreck” – heart attack, broken bones, appendicitis.

The industry claims they offer preventive care. Let’s break that down. Preventive care includes cancer screening, checking blood pressure and reading cholesterol levels. If these tests determine there is a problem – THERE IS ALREADY A PROBLEM. It is a misnomer, as it should be called “early detection”. There is very little that your “health” insurance covers that is truly health promoting.

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