Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

How Do You Remove Darkness From a Room?

Easy question, eh? The answer is totally obvious. In fact, I’ll bet you didn’t even hesitate with your response. The answer, of course, is that you turn on a light! But notice something very interesting and important about your answer. You didn’t really remove the darkness. Instead you added light. And, as you add light, darkness automatically leaves because darkness and light can’t exist in the same place at the same time.

While we understand and accept this to be true about darkness and light, most of us have never applied this concept to other areas of our lives. This principle of adding (or creating) what we DO want, instead of focusing on eliminating or preventing what we DON’T want is universally effective in bringing us to where we want to be. It is simple really, when you fill a space with one thing, it must displace whatever was there before!

Here is another example. If you are stressed out and you would rather be in a peaceful state of mind, begin creating peace. That is, do things that actively and progressively produce peace, and as peace comes, stress will automatically leave – just as when we add light, darkness leaves! If you are spending the majority of your time thinking, saying and doing things that bring you and those around you peace, there will be very little time left for you to be stressed. Mother Theresa understood this principle and applied it to every area of her own life. She was once asked if she would participate in a protest march against Vietnam War. She replied “No, but if you have a march for peace, let me know.” Remember, when we fill a space with one thing, it must displace whatever was there before.

Chiropractic care is all about applying this concept to your health. many people spend large amounts of time, energy and money trying to get ride of their pain and illness. But, in a very real way, we can add light to this situation as well, rather than trying to remove the darkness. You have inside you a power Life Force that runs, regulates, healths and grows your body. We call it your Innate Intelligence. When the Life Energy is fully expressing or “turning on,” it is like turning on a light inside of you that displaces any darkness (sickness/pain) that was there before. You see, your innate intelligence is perfect – it always knows what to do to keep you running at your highest level, including healing you when you’re sick. BUT, we in chiropractic do not actually focus on healing you, we simply seek to make sure your Life Energy is flowing – that your Light – your Power – is on. Then, your Innate Intelligence goes to work healing you.

We accomplish this by giving what are called chiropractic adjustments that are re-establishing the neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body and allow your Life Force to again flow freely to ALL of your cells. THAT’S IT! That’s all chiropractic is about. It’s about making sure that the miracle-producing Life Force inside you has a chance to do its best to move you progressively towards optimal health, happiness and the full expression of your potential and your purpose in life!

So, if you, your family or your friends have been frustrated by continually trying to remove darkness (disease), maybe it is time to take a different approach – maybe it’s time to turn on your Light and watch the darkness just fade away.

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