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Technology Detox

Are You In Need Of A Digital Detox?

Unless you’re living out in the countryside, it can be pretty difficult to escape technology. It’s everywhere you look, and even though it makes life easier in a lot of ways, it can consume much of our time and lead to issues in health and relationships. Whether you are texting, tweeting, chatting, or gaming, the innocent time spend on your phone can become addictive.

It would be nearly impossible to completely remove technology, and we understand it is a vital part of everyday life. All we suggest is that you take a technological timeout, and follow our tips for a digital detox.

  1. The Dinner Table is a Phone-Free Zone. When you are eating with your friends or family, turn off the phone or tablet. Your priority should be maintaining critical bonds with each other, not the latest Facebook update.
  2. On Vacation? Turn off the Tech. It can be tempting to post pictures or reviews of your latest getaway. Resist the urge, and try to fully experience your vacation with the people you are with. There’s always time for picture posts later!
  3. Give Your Phone a Bedtime. Turn off your phone and other electronics at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep. You’ll most likely find that you have an easier time unwinding, and you might sleep better as you won’t be exposed to the blue lights from your electronics.
  4. Tech Time Limit. If possible, check your email just a few times less. Limit the amount of times you check social media, and turn your phone off at a set time each night. This will help you to engage more with your surroundings, instead of what’s going on with your phone.
  5. Make Technology-Free Time Fun. Think about how much time you actually spend getting lost on your phone or tablet. When technology isn’t sneaking away your time, there is so much you can get done! Whether it’s exercising, relaxing, spending quality time with friends and family, volunteering, or learning something new. The options really are endless!

By following these tips, you will be better able to insert yourself in the world around you instead of the phone in the palm of your hand. These digital detoxes nourish both your body and your mind, leading to a healthier you. Your spine and mind will thank you for it!!

Here is a reminder:

If you are going to insist on using your phone or device, remember your posture! Hold your device up to your face while keeping your head in proper alignment (over your shoulders,) don’t look down to accommodate to your device!

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