Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

But Doc It Hurts Right There

Imagine bike week in Laconia. You’re attempting to commute from Concord up to Tilton on Friday evening. Traffic is at a stand still on 93N and you see no end. Even though the problem appears to be where you’re sitting, you know that the source of the traffic is at exit 20.

The same is true with your spinal cord. It is an interstate whose traffic jams occur at subluxations. Your brain can perceive its obstruction anywhere along the way. Think of your C1 vertebra as the busiest intersection you know. It surrounds your brain stem where all messages are transferred and appropriately directed. Subluxations here can cause mayhem throughout the entire body.

So when you are experiencing a symptom and we do not adjust where you feel it, it’s not because we weren’t listening. In fact, our analysis is based on your X-rays and palpation. We aim to find your primary subluxations. And when that flow of information is restored, it’s like taking out the traffic light and turning Route 3 into a four lane highway. The rest is up to your innate intelligence. And remember, it takes time for cars to start moving back at exit 15.

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