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Red, Hot and Swollen

Red, Hot and Swollen

As you journey through your life, you’ll find yourself inflamed many times-an insect bite, a paper cut, a stubbed toe, or even a nasty cold. For every one of these and every other instance of inflammation there is a treatment to cease the pain and swelling. We use ice, ibuprofen or steroids to feel better and continue our journey.

What if I told you that in most cases inflammation equals healing; and by attempting to halt inflammation, you are literally halting and prolonging healing.

How do we support our bodies through an acute process? How do we identify acute versus chronic? How do we change ourselves to move past chronic inflammation?

Find the answers to these questions and valuable information that will make you think differently about this critical step in healing at our workshop on inflammation. Check our or events calendar or workshop schedule to find see when the next one is.

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