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Is There A Coffee Pot In Your House?

Is There A Coffee Pot In Your House?

This past week we were speaking with fellow chiropractic colleague who was sharing one of her biggest reasons why she continues to educate her patients about chiropractic.  She said “how many people do you know have a coffee pot in their house?” I answered to myself that practically everyone I know must own a coffee pot.  She went to say that the same number of people who have a coffee pot in their house also know of someone (if not themselves) who have narcotics in their house.  I doubted the fact that nearly every American house had narcotics in it so I decided to do some investigating as to the prevalence of prescribed (not illegally obtained) narcotics among US citizens.

First, let’s back track a little bit…the take home point about her passion for Chiropractic is not to wage a war on all drugs.  Often times chiropractors have a negative “dogma” if you will associated with our profession because we are “drugless practitioners.” Most chiropractors take a lot of pride in the fact that we cannot prescribe and that we don’t advocate for regular use of medication. Why is this? What is Chiropractic’s place among the drug conversation? Why are Chiropractors so concerned about drugs and the utilization of them even though we don’t manage or counsel any of our patients pertaining to their prescription medication?

There is no debate that certain drugs, when judiciously prescribed and not abused, are beneficial to the health and well-being of mankind. Antibiotics have certainly been beneficial in treating infectious diseases; certain pain-relieving drugs, when used properly, have certainly made life more tolerable for many; and anesthetic drugs have made surgery possible. There are no doubt hundreds of drugs and medications that have saved lives and helped to relieve human suffering.

As Chiropractors we understand that a human being has an “innate intelligence.” Because of this intelligence human beings are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organisms. This principle is further held that this intelligence, if interfered-with in any manner, would result in a lack of life, impaired health and a state of “dis-ease.” The practice of chiropractic is the discipline of detecting and correcting the causes of the interference (subluxations, thoughts, toxins, traumas, etc.). When these causes were corrected, and the innate intelligence was allowed to express completely, the body would return to homeostasis (heal) and maintain a state of health and well-being. When the body is truly well and healthy, we don’t need to medicate.

Let’s get back to our coffee pot conversation: back pain is perhaps the most common form of chronic pain. An estimated 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in life, and an estimated 25-30 percent end up struggling with persistent or chronic back pain, leading many in search for relief in a pill. When over the counter medication is not resolving somebody’s crisis, often times they see their MD or report to a pain clinic for help which in most cases results in narcotics to being prescribed to manage their condition.

According to 2010 data,1 there were enough n

arcotic painkillers being prescribed in the US to medicate every single adult, around the clock, for a month. As of 2012, 259 million prescriptions for opioids and other narcotic painkillers were written.2 This equates to 82.5 prescriptions for every 100 Americans.  This statistic is so staggering that it truly could be relatively compared to the coffee pot analogy.

If you know of anyone who’s having to rely on conventional measures to get through a day, please invite them to join us on Tuesday November 3rd at 6pm for “The Time Is Now To Change Your Life” workshop.  We have a vision for our community to be well and to learn how to take charge of their health and their lives again.

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