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Help Us Help Our Community

Help Us Help Our Community

Every time we step foot outside our homes we are exposed to countless pathogens. This time of year is all about influenza. The media is constantly alerting us about the newest threat to our health from West Nile to E. coli contamination at our favorite restaurant. And as New Englanders, we are at the greatest threat of contracting Lyme.

When it comes to being infected with any pathogen only one thing matters. It’s not what we’ve named it. It’s not how many sick people we come in contact with. It’s not how often we sanitize our hands. It IS how susceptible we are when we are confronted with a microorganism. Microbiologist know that the most important factor in determining whether someone falls ill is the state of one’s immune system at the moment of exposure. And it matters how you care for yourself once your are infected.

Should we cower in our homes and not allow ourselves to explore the beautiful forests we are so blessed to call home? No more than you should wear a mask all day and refuse to shake hands with new friends. We SHOULD build our bodies up every day to make ourselves impenetrable. And if you are one of the many who have contracted Lyme, you can learn how to maintain your body as a fierce, spirochete-fighting, thriving machine!!

Dr. Jilian is hosting a very special class on Tuesday, October 13th to share her vast knowledge on how to be healthy and strong with Lyme. She is an absolute expert on this very topic as she, herself, lives a full and symptom-free life with chronic Lyme infection. Please share this information with your loved ones and acquaintances. So many people are suffering with this diagnosis and not being educated on what their lives can actually be. We want our community to be healthy and thriving; and we need YOUR help.

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