Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Power Lines and High Winds


          We wake up every day taking our electricity for granted. Our alarm goes off as scheduled, lights get flipped on, and the coffee starts brewing. We trust that Liberty Utilities has gathered the fuel, generated power, and sent it along the line to our homes.

          But what happens when wind gusts barrel through the east coast and knock down branches damaging critical power lines? Liberty can burn all the fuel they want. They can create surpluses of power; but it can never reach us. Thankfully, hard working men and women stay up through the night and eventually repair the lines, restoring our power and allowing our lives to continue per usual. Sometimes they need the help of tools such as chainsaws, bucket trucks and cranes to aid them in the most difficult situations.

          The same is true for your body. We wake up every morning taking our health for granted. Our eyes open, we stretch, we breathe, we effortlessly rise out of bed. We trust that we’ve taken in the proper amount of fuel, that our bodies have converted that into quality energy, and sent it along our nervous system to our cells.

          But what happens when we sustain an injury via a car accident or a fall on the ice? What happens when our vertebrae have shifted out of their optimum alignment putting pressure on the spinal nerves for decades – slowly damaging our “power lines”? We can eat all the leafy greens we want, but full power can not reach the rest of our body.

          Thankfully, we were designed to repair! Our bodies work all day and all night desperately trying to repair our nerves. Think of a subluxation as a branch on a power line. If the branch is never removed, the power supply will never fully return. Chiropractors are the only ones trained to remove this subluxation, allowing for your body to repair and restore its power.

          Your body is its own utility company. Your body is its own repair crew. Your chiropractor is simply the extra tools.

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