Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Repetitive Motion


We’re all very familiar with the concept of repetitive motion. Whether we’re turning a screwdriver, typing on a computer, holding a baby, pushing, pulling, standing, sitting, or adjusting healthy people, our jobs require us to repeat the same motion over and over. This causes “muscle memory” – which is actually the cerebellum remembering a muscle’s action or position and then maintaining that same position.

Well guess what, friend? That’s precisely what we’re doing when we adjust you! Each adjustment aims to teach your cerebellum a new, more optimal position. By repeating the action over and over, your brain will tell your muscles to hold the position of your spine effortlessly. It really is THAT simple!

When you continue this message at home by doing your spinal hygiene exercises, using your traction block or cervical roll, and maintaining great posture, you amplify the effect. YOU are in control of your success and have to ability to create a new body. Power on!

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