Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Beyond Your Nerve Impulse

I’ve been thinking a lot about cerebral spinal fluid lately. I know, I should really get out more. The truth is, CSF is so critical and fascinating that I hope you will share my passion (or at least humor me).

CSF flows around your brain and spinal cord. It protects these delicate structures by providing buoyancy and cushioning. It can decrease in volume to allow for more blood to flow to the brain. It also clears waste from the nervous system and is fundamental in the brain’s immunology.

Even a slight displacement of a vertebra can physically hinder the flow of CSF. This fact is quite evident on MRI. If CSF can’t flow down the spinal cord freely due to obstruction, it backs up in the brain. This can lead to brain ischemia (lack of blood flow). Additionally, the more distal parts of the spinal cord (lumbar region) may be compromised due to toxicity and decreased protection.

MRI studies have shown the restoration of CSF flow pre- and post-adjustment. This means the restoration of normal blood pressure in the brain. The restoration of waste removal. The restoration of innate protection to the most essential organ in your body. And the beginning of renewal.

Bottom line is, your body simply can not function properly when subluxated. The damage to the nerve system after decades of subluxation can not be measured. But neither can your capacity to restore and your potential to heal. We’re so happy you’re here to begin or continue that PROCESS with us.

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