Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Kelly B.

I never knew getting healthy could be so easy. I have seen so much improvement to so many health issues since starting treatment. My back neck and shoulder pain is significantly reduced. I have reduced the number of colds I catch yearly, my migraines are nearly extinct, my allergies have been greatly reduced, I haven’t had to use my asthma inhaler in almost 6 months, and I have been able to reduce the use of many of my regular medications. The workshops I have been able to attend have been life changing. I have learned so much about nutrition and healthy living choices since becoming a patient. The personal touch and positively energized environment of Awakenings is contagious; you can’t have a bad day after getting adjusted. What I also find so amazing is the level of personal care and interest every staff member has in each patients progress and health. Its like having an extended family. Awakenings is a family wellness center, and they truly mean it.

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