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AOW: Let's Get Something Straight


            Often times as I’m delivering an adjustment, practice members will thank me for their positive response to a previous adjustment. This is a humbling moment to say the least. I appreciate gratitude and it makes my day feel so purposeful and inspired. However, we cannot stress enough the fact that Dr. Jilian and I had very little to do with your body’s response. The very little thing that we did was introduce a specific force in a specific direction to restore motion at a specific segment. Restoring motion at a specific segment is our intention – but your body did the actual work.

            Your body receives a mechanical force. It translates this force into an electrical signal. It transmits this signal up your spinal cord to your brain. It processes the signal and determines how to best interpret and utilize the new information. It sends an appropriate signal back down your spinal cord and out to your peripheral nerves. Your cells receive this electrical signal and allow your genes to be read at a specific point. Your cells translate your genetic code into a specific molecule. This molecule may be used to make new muscle tissue, connective tissue or brain tissue. This molecule may elicit an immune response and create an antibody to help you recover from an infection. This molecule may create more insulin, digestive enzymes, serotonin or growth hormone. This molecule may turn right back around and repair the very DNA from which it was designed.

            This is why I love what I do! I know that a force applied at a particular location, in a specific direction can elicit the magic of harmonious physiology. Today, we want to thank YOU! Thank you for being an amazing practice member! Thank you for showing up to invest in your health! Thank YOU for having infinite innate intelligence to use a mechanical force to coordinate massive amounts of healing and growth!