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Dr. Erica Update

Dear Awakening Family,


It was so refreshing and recharging to have an entire week off with my family.  Thank you for accommodating us as we stepped out of our comfort zone and closed the office for the first time since I had my daughter Lucia in 2010. 


On Friday, we got news in regards to Dr. Erica’s health.  Many of you already know and love Dr. Erica.  For those of you that are new to our practice I am sorry you have not had the chance to meet her yet.  I am sure the day you do meet her, you will fall instantly in love with her as we all do.  It is her nature to give of herself to each person she meets with her whole heart, instantly drawing you into her kindness. 


In February of this year Dr. Erica was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 4 breast cancer.  The test results revealed the cancer had spread to her spine, hips, and liver.  She was 36 years old at the time.  The first symptom showed up 18 months before, around July of 2014.  She was nursing her third baby and realized she had a small lump in her breast.  She went to Concord Radiology and met with a doctor who performed an ultrasound on her breast.  While he failed to do a physical exam, he assured Dr. Erica that the lump was not cancer and told her to come back when she was done breastfeeding if it was still bothering her.  Against her own intuition she failed to get a second opinion and trusted in this doctor. 


In January of 2015, she realized the gravity of the situation as the lump in her breast was growing rapidly and she began to feel lumps under her armpit as well.  She immediately retrieved a copy of the ultrasound she had done 18 months prior and went to another doctor at Elliot in Manchester.  They immediately did a biopsy before she left the appointment.  The doctor then called later with results that it was indeed cancerous.  The doctor also confirmed that the cancer was apparent on the ultrasound from Concord as well.  Dr. Erica’s cancer could have been caught in the very early stages.  Once all of her blood work came back and the rest of her body imaging, she found out it was stage 4. 


Dr. Erica has always trusted in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  This is why she became a chiropractor.  Being a chiropractor is like having a gift you get to share with people each day.  Helping families heal from the inside out is the most amazing job on the planet.  What other profession teaches you how to fully express your life at its fullest potential, while avoiding and reducing your need for surgery and drugs?  Our bodies are designed and made perfectly.  Even in the face of cancer, Dr. Erica knows this and trusts this.  She trusts that we have the power to heal inside of us.  This power, within our nervous system, is stronger than any chemical they can make in a lab.


Therefore, after copious amounts of research on all of her treatment options, she opted to travel to Mexico to seek treatment that is completely natural but is not allowed to be performed in the United States.  She has traveled to Mexico twice since March and has had to pay out of pocket for everything since it is not covered by conventional insurance plans.  The alternative treatments had been showing progress in slowing the cancer growth while boosting her immune system to kill off the cancer using her own body’s ability.  She has documented all of this in a series of videos on our Awakening Chiropractic youtube channel. 


In May, Dr. Erica began to have daily migraines that were nearly debilitating.  She also began to feel nausea that prevented her from eating enough calories.  Therefore, she was losing a lot of weight and had little to no energy.  She finally decided to take a leave of absence from the office near the middle of June.  Dr. Erica is one of the smartest and most competent chiropractors I have ever worked with.  Yet, I was so anxious for her to finally take some time to allow the healing process to unfold.  It takes so much energy for the body to heal and it is a process.  We all need this reminder.  Things take time.  It is so easy for us to push through constantly.  In the end it is not worth it.  It makes the healing process take even longer or can shut it off completely.  This leaves us susceptible to extreme “crisis care” interventions that would have been unnecessary if we were just patient with our own bodies innate capacity to heal.


Over the past few weeks Dr. Erica had reported to me that her headaches were beginning to become less intense and less frequent.  However, her nausea now included daily vomiting leading to a dangerous amount of weight loss.  On Thursday she did not feel well while at a family function.  As her mom drove her home she began to lose sensation in her legs and she lost her peripheral vision.  They rushed to the hospital where her condition worsened even more and she was unable to speak or recognize her family.  The hospital induced a coma in order to calm her and reduce the swelling on her brain.  They also performed an MRI that revealed the cause of all of these symptoms.  The cancer has spread to the lining of her brain. 


As I write this, she has come out of the medically induced coma and has regained her ability to speak and her vision.  She also has restored feeling in her lower legs.  Her future treatment plan is currently being decided.  Dr. Erica will be the first one to tell you that her natural treatments have not failed her.  If anything they have enhanced her body’s ability to overcome this disease.  However, the number one complicating factor, which is present no matter what treatment option she chose, was timing.  Her cancer was not treated until it had already reached an advanced and fast growing state. 


This is why we should all be living in a way to maximize our own ability to heal on a daily basis.  Ask yourself, are you getting your spine and nervous system checked regularly, are you making healthy eating choices with every bite, are you drinking plenty of water and minimal alcohol, are you exercising daily, are you sleeping enough and utilizing stress reducing techniques, are you surrounding yourself with people you love?  Basically, are we always striving to improve our health?  This might seem like so much work but, it is so much easier to prevent chronic disease than to overcome it. 


Thank you for your continued prayers for Dr. Erica.  She is so strong and has so much to live for.  I am hopeful she will amaze us all again by beating this.  Truthfully, my heart has been aching all weekend and I have not been able to sleep.  I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  We have plans to practice chiropractic side by side until we are two old, wrinkly women, with endless stories to share with our grandkids, who also happen to be chiropractors!  I am holding this vision in my heart as I pray for her full recovery.  If anyone can do it, it is her.  I love you all and feel so grateful to share my life with all of you each day.  My purpose is to love each of you above all else.  We are forming our own little tribe here at Awakening.  A tribe, that supports each other and lifts each other up.  In the face of life changing events or not, I hope you continue to strengthen your resolve in the fact that every single person is better off getting adjusted than not.  I can think of no other thing as important as enhancing our innate regardless of how we feel, because our lives can change drastically in the blink of an eye.  Let us, as a tribe, live and love as if it could all be gone tomorrow.


*Please refrain from engaging us and asking us questions about Dr. Erica.  Our emotions are so high and we want to remain focused on you without any distractions.  We will give you periodic updates in written form when we have more information.  Thank you for understanding.


Yours in health,

Dr. Jilian