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AOW: Cell Phone Usage

Your Awakening team has set a challenge for the month of August. In an effort to be more present and create a better connection, we have declared the office a Cell Phone Free Zone! 

         We were discussing at our weekly training how our culture has become so immersed in technology that we often forget to look at the beautiful people who are standing right before us. We miss opportunities to engage, appreciate and learn about others. We no longer sit quietly with ourselves and just observe.

          I, Dr. Christana, am guilty of staring at my phone at the dinner table - likely missing an adorable moment with my son that I'll never get back. So for the month of August, I am pledging to turn my phone off until Edison is in bed. Dr. Jilian is leaving hers at home while she's camping with her family next week!

         While we encourage you to implement new rituals into your own lives, we understand that your circumstances may not allow for this. So please take this opportunity to unplug. You have an excuse now - it's our policy. ????

         Some suggestions while you wait:

   Make a new friend with the healthy person next to you

   Think about what you're grateful for

   Tell Angel and Rachelle a joke

   Fill out one of our note cards with your answer to this question:

   How has chiropractic ADDED to your life experience?

   Read others' notes around the office


We look forward to connecting with you - and connecting you - this week!