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AOW: Overuse Injury and Repair



         One of the most important concepts we strive to teach our beloved practice members is how the body breaks down, and how it then innately repairs. We often stress how critical it is for you to rest your body after all the various strains you place on it. Whether you build houses, repair cars, carry a child, or sit in a car or at a desk all day, your body needs time to restore damaged tissue in order to function optimally.


         You may have heard the term "overuse injury". This is far too common in our society. Does it mean that your body has a threshold on use? Not exactly. You are designed to lift, walk, push and climb; but you are also required to rest.


         Overuse injuries are a result of torn muscle fibers not healing properly. Keep in mind that muscle fibers are meant to be torn. Their breakdown allows the muscles to be rebuilt in a way that serves you better. Isn't that phenomenally exciting! The functions you perform determine the structure you will build.


         Here is where rest comes in. When the fibers are torn, your body requires time and sleep to optimally rebuild. If you deny your body this, it will turn on genes to build cartilage and turn off genes for tendons. Cartilage is less specific and easier to make. Therefore, you will have scar tissue instead of muscle tissue. This leads to restrictive motion and joint dysfunction - not just in your shoulders and knees, but in your spine as well.


         We encourage you to treat your body to the rest it deserves. Here at Awakening we are taking the week of August 9th to rest and repair our tendons properly and allow us to serve you for years to come.