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AOW: Firefighters and Contractors

Firefighters and Contractors

You wake suddenly to the piercing sound of your smoke detector. Your house is on fire! You race to safety and immediately dial 911. Fire trucks burst on the scene filled with trained professionals carrying hoses and axes. They storm into your home and soak it as quickly as possible to extinguish the flames. If they were able to respond quickly enough, your house may be salvageable. Sure there is damage; but nothing that can't be repaired. Thanks to those brave individuals, you still have a place to call home. 

Now imagine that because of your misfortune, the local FD decides they want to prevent any future fires in your town by using their emergency skills for fire prevention. They recommend that ever week a truck is dispatched to your home and soaked with water. They will reduce the incidence of fire by nearly 100%. Success! As long as you don't mind living in a molding, rotting home that will inevitably collapse someday.

Now suppose after the fire, you hired a contractor to investigate the cause. Maybe the structure of your house needs to be corrected. Maybe some outside force, like a candle left unattended, was the culprit. Maybe it was even an electrical issues that left your beloved home vulnerable. The contractor makes her recommendations and you set to work to repair them.

So you've probably figured out what I'm getting at by now. The firefighters are our life-saving medical doctors. Your house is your one and only body. And the contractor - well that's your chiropractor.

When you have a dire emergency, such as cardiac arrest, you call 911 and trust these individuals to keep you alive. They approach with their life-saving hoses and axes - drugs and surgery - to stabilize you and prolong your life. But what if they then recommend you continue to pollute your body just in case another fire broke out. Maybe they prescribe high blood pressure medication or blood thinners to "prevent" another heart attack. over time, these drugs break your body down and never address the real cause.

When you have your chiropractor there to assess the structure of your body or help you eliminate any risk factors (burning candles) such as poor diet, lack of exercise, or sever stress, you build a stronger home and thusly prevent another emergency. Most importantly, your chiropractors evaluate your electrical (nervous) system to insure it is functioning properly so all the parts of your body can function at a higher level.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" 
~Jim Rohn