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AOW: What does that click thing do?

What Does That Clicky Thing Do?


I hear this question at least once a week. Maybe you've thought the same thing and haven't yet asked. Here is a brief explanation of what that clicky thing is and how it helps you heal yourself.


It is called an Activator and was designed by a chiropractor to do the one thing that chiropractors are trained to do - introduce motion into a vertebra so the nervous system functions more freely. That's right! It moves the bone. Just like our hands do when you receive a manual adjustment.


The Activator instrument is actually part of an entire technique which uses a specific analysis and includes NO manual adjusting. Many chiropractors practice this technique exclusively. The majority of chiropractors use an Activator in some capacity in their office.


So how does that little click even work? Think back to high school where you learned the important formula F=MA or force is equal to mass times acceleration. To achieve enough force to set something like a vertebra in motion you need both weight and speed. You can increase total force by increasing either one. With Activator, we increase speed significantly, allowing for less mass with the same total force.


We also overcome resistance by adjusting more quickly than your muscles can respond. This is especially helpful when there is any spasm going on in the supporting spinal muscles. Additionally, its small contact area can allow for greater specificity, especially in the tiny bones of the wrists and feet. I love it because it is so gentle that I can use it on babies, patients with osteoporosis, very tender areas, and sensitive people.


So the next time your doctor adjusts you with a click, know that you are getting a specific, gentle, and effective adjustment that unleashes the healing potential of your body as well as any other technique.