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       Well at least I have! You get home from the office, or look up while you're washing your hands at a restaurant - and there it is. Spinach or some other leftover stuck right between your front teeth. You may have just come from a meeting or dining with a friend and you realize that the whole time your colleagues or acquaintances were staring at the food in your teeth. It is utterly embarrassing and may cause you to feel self-conscious and even affect your performance throughout the day.


            What's worse is that NO ONE TOLD YOU! So much angst would be avoided if the folks around you took the time to let you know that you need a toothpick. Sure, the exchange may be awkward, but think of how grateful you would be to the person who spoke up to save your day.


            The same is true for those around us who walk around with bad posture or a pile of pills in their purse. These people are likely subluxated and have absolutely no awareness of it.  Even with the awareness of a problem, they may not know how to work toward correcting it.


            Sadly, the repercussions of a subluxated state are far more deleterious than a pesky food particle. It causes decreased nerve flow to the cells and therefore decreased function of the entire body. Over time, this decreased function can lead to innumerable health problems.


            How great that YOU have the knowledge to inform those around you that there is a way to INCREASE LIFE and ACHIEVE MORE!  Just as it's easy to tell your friends and family that they have a little something stuck in their teeth, it's easy to recommend they get their spines checked. But would you tell a coworker, cashier, waiter or even a stranger that they had food in their teeth and save their day?  Would you tell them they may be subluxated and save their life?