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Article of the Week: Structure = Function

Can you think back (for some of us, way, way back) to high school biology or chemistry? Do you remember learning this important concept? It was often introduced when discovering how a newly assembled protein folds, very specifically in order to perform within the cell. If the protein is missing one tiny amino acid, it will not fold properly and therefore be useless to the cell. This is the principle behind genetic diseases.

"How does this apply to my spine," you say? I'm so glad you asked! Your spine grew very specifically to encompass your nervous system. each foramen, or hole through which each nerve root exits, grew to fit each nerve route (plus its blood vessels and connective tissue) perfectly. It's similar to how your eyeballs fit in your eye sockets so well that you can bend forward without them falling out of your skull! That wouldn't be the case with someone else's eyeballs.

When each vertebra is aligned perfectly atop the one below - when your spinal structure is just right = your nervous system functions perfectly. Each nerve root exits its foramen comfortably and transmits each impulse flawlessly. The brain's message is fast and clear. When you are subluxated, structure is compromised. The nerve root is pressed upon - usually be the surrounding tissue or fluid, sometimes by the bone itself. The impulse is altered. The message is unclear and diminished.

How well do you want to function?

How committed are you to perfecting your structure?